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Sales / Distribution / Marketing in Germany and throughout Europe

Launching companies on the market, including operative sales and distribution

Europe and Germany have an enormously hugh potential (market for purchasers) for diverse products. We are able to accompany you for development of your market potential in the following areas:

  • Direct distribution (own organisation of distribution)
  • Indirect distribution (trading company / business)
  • Combination of direct and indirect distribution

Ways to ensure your success:

  • You define your goals
  • Based on our market knowledge, we prepare and develop an optimal distribution strategy as well as the accompanying marketing tools and activities
  • Joint operative implementation

These market-focused development activities can be performed on a regional, Germany-wide or on an international basis.

 Sales and Distribution

"I work according to the principle that you should never do something yourself that  somebody else can do for you."
John D. Rockefeller (1839-1937)

We are able to perform the following interim tasks, among others, for you: 

  • Launching companies onto the market, including operative sales and distribution - PTC Potzner Trading Company
  • Setting up organisation(s) of sales and distribution (regional, Germany-wide as well as on an    international basis)
  • We can organize in building up of reseller market in Germany and Europe
  • Market analyses
  • Identifying potential-specific data / shares and market shares
  • Development of sales and distribution strategies as well as sales and distribution structures
  • Consolidation of companies and company parts / shares to achieve synergy effects
  • Increasing the performance of sales and distribution (optimising existing distribution organisations and distribution structures)
  • Implementation of Key Account Management
  • Customer value analysis
  • Sales and distribution controlling



 We present our services

"We come and go, but success achieved will remain forever."



 Operative Sector: 

  • Sales and Distribution 
  • Marketing
  • Logistics (European Warenhouse/Storing Center)
  • Personnel / Human Ressources Management
  • ICT and new media




Information on  the topic
Interim Management (IM) 

"We come and go, but success achieved will remain forever."

IM Basis of activity

  • Providing services in a company with focus on projects and tasks which have to be implemented in a  certain time period
  • Being responsible for operations tasks

IM Areas of activity

  • Setting up companies and parts / departments of companies
  • Providing specialised skills and know-how for precisely defined projects
  • Bridging job vacancies in executive management functions for a limited time 
  • Restructuring and re-positioning a company


  • Interim Management (IM)
  • Consulting
  • Interim Management & Consulting*

*You can make use of our Group`s services both as concept-developing company consultants and as acting managers - at short notice and of course for a limited period of time



ICT & New Media

Comprehensive, holistic focussing on internal and external business processes aimed at optimised customer-oriented solutions is our key to success.
With the POTZNER GROUP and its partners, you will benefit from long-standing experience(s) and specialist know-how which have decisively shaped eBusiness in Germany.
e-Business Consulting

  • Analysis and adjustment of internal and external business processes to the requirements of e-Business (Order recording, procurement of special articles etc.)
  • Identifying opportunities (potential) for savings in the area of order recording and invoicing
  • Determining competitive benefits by implementing e-Business
  • Concept development and coordination work for efficient software solutions

Product data management (Master Data Management)

  • Procuring product data of your manufacturers and suppliers for multi-media contents
  • Classifying according to international standards (eClass / UNSPSC / ETIM)
  • Concept development for media-independent data bases for centralised product data storage and maintenance


European Warenhouse / Storing Center

In cooperation with our partner company (overall warehouse center / hall space of approx. 11,000 square meters), we are able to perform the following logistics tasks for you:

  • Setting up a delivery-focused warehouse / European Warehouse Center
  • Handling and shipping orders, using your delivery receipt
  • Supplying packaging material (sales-specific packaging and transport packaging)
  • External packaging (packing full service)
  • Package forwarding / shipping within 24 hours